Manna House

 We are preparing to receive our first clients in January 2018.

Please continue to pray for our Director, staff and clients.

Manna House is located at 229 South Erie Street in Mercer.


Sunday, September 24th from 2-6

Our Mission

The goal of Manna House is to serve as a central location in which to house the individuals participating in our program (more specifically those recently released and or participants needing housing). The goal of our programs themselves is and has always been to serve as something similar to the government’s CCCs but adding an additional component that is not traditionally addressed during their time of transition in these facilities. We will plug these individuals into our support system designed to foster the beginning of their journey to a new life. Within the framework of our program, the participants will attend Life Skills Classes, Spiritual Enrichment Sessions, Work Therapy and Support Meetings. They will work with professional counselors, mentors, local clergy and lay personnel to deal with the underlying issues they have dealt with throughout their lives in an attempt to rebuild their lives in a new and more meaningful way.  The program will maintain a strict adherence to the regimented accountability set forth and we are able to do so through the network of organizations we have developed who provide services to our participants.

Women currently in the house.


The Director will offer advice on employment; social skills; electronic media; housing; transportation, etc.  The Director will oversee a daily Bible study and devotions; Celebrate Recovery 12-step program; life skills; literacy and on the job training classes.  The Director must be able to assist with some of these programs and help to ensure others are implemented.


*Candidate must possess a solid Christian character and be mission minded

*Degree and/or experience related to substance abuse

*Ability to do interventions/de-escalate volatile situations

*Residential experience preferred

*Be on call for emergencies


*No pets

*Relative good health


*Implement residential programs

*Work with community volunteers

*Coordinate resident schedules

*Administer medications

*Conduct morning and/or evening devotions

*Be a public figure in the community & comfortable speaking to small groups


*Monthly stipend

*Rent free separate efficiency apartment & board

*Two weeks paid vacation

*Work schedule is five days on, two days off

IF INTERESTED in applying for this position, send a resume along with a cover letter explaining why you are applying and qualifications plus three references to:

Reaching Up & Reaching out

120 South Center Street

Grove City, Pennsylvania 16127



There are currently 53 female inmates in the Mercer County Jail. These individuals are paroled on an average of 3 per month. While every individual who participates in our programs will not be housed in our new facility we plan to maintain a steady enrollment of 4-8 women housed in the Manna House at all times.


We are able to do what we do by providing for the needs of the house with revenue from our Thrift Store and with donations from people like you.